Get A Little Reckless

Lately, I have been faced with the terrible prospect that my whole life might get shaken up in a most unsettling manner.

I have been freaking out about this on and off for a while now, most recently in the bathroom while doing my hair. I began to feel sick and shaky, and was on the verge of tears.  I began thinking about how, if things in life get crazy, action must be taken to counteract the negative events. So I might, I realized, end up taking drastic measures to repair my fracturing reality, if it came to be such.

And then, with sudden clarity, it occurred to me that there is no reason for me to wait until things go wrong to get a little crazy, a little reckless, a little desperate. What’s stopping me from taking drastic measures right now?  What’s stopping me from going a little nuts and taking some risks?  It’ll come to this, anyways, I fear, and then I’ll have to scramble even more frantically, so I may as well get a jump on things.

The worst that can happen is that I fail in these pursuits, and that is something I can live with.  So I’m only really at risk of succeeding here.

The only thing standing between me and this attempt at success, I realized was my own reluctance to act desperate. And that would not do.

I looked at myself in the mirror, shook off my almost-tears, and said, “So get desperate, bitch.”


Harry Potter and the Hunger Games


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Hi guys!

Okay so I just wanted to check in and say I’m still totally doing this, I just had some real-world stuff to deal with for the past few months; awesome things like having my best friend move across country to be my roommate, and starting work as a freelance writer   and I didn’t want to launch into this and then stop mid-way – I’d rather start a little late and keep at it than do that thing where someone starts something and the leaves it unfinished D:

Anywhoo, please feel free to follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, and share this page with other HP and HG fans who might enjoy a little HP/HG fanfic 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

– eve –

Sugar Coated


I was thinking today about how there are some people who adamantly believe that “buttering things up” or “sugar coating” are wrong, bad, stupid, or cowardly.

I’ll concede on two points, the first being that many people over-do it, or do so in a manner that demeans everyone involved.  The second being that, often times, people definitely need to be slapped in the face with the cold, hard truth – no mercy, no gentleness, just brutal honesty.

But brutal honesty should be reserved for drastic situations, when kindness has already failed to produce results and the consequences if not speaking up are rather serious.

In normal, every-day situations, though, I must ask:  What’s wrong with a little kindness?  Where’s the harm in saying something nicely, sharing a truth without sacrificing someone’s good mood?  One really does get more with sugar than vinegar, and while there will always be times when harshness is necessary, it shouldn’t be one’s default setting.

And quite frankly, if someone can’t be bothered to say something nicely to me, then perhaps I can’t be bothered to associate with them anymore.

Honestly, to me, kindness has always been the best indicator of true strength and security.  It takes more strength to be kind than cruel.

Questions to Fans: Polls and Other Nonsense


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Hey guys – so I have a few questions regarding the upcoming fic.  Mostly, I just want to hear the opinions of other fans of both the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I’ve basically got the story idea mapped out, but I would like some feedback from you guys, just to get a feel for this thing I’ve gotten myself into 😀

So here are my polls:

Feel free to leave comments elaborating on your opinion.  Of course, I’ll decide what to do based on how I feel and what seems to be working, but I really am interested in hearing what you guys think 😀

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

– eve –

Harry Potter/Hunger Games Crossover Fic: Announcement


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Today, I started this blog. I really only registered so I could have a WordPress account for commenting on various other blogs. I had wondered what I’d do with my own little corner of the internet and, well….I guess I’ve found my purpose.

I’ve never written fanfic before, but I suppose I’ll be taking my first foray into that world by writing “Harry Potter and the Hunger Games”.

I’m not sure when this will start up but I will certainly be keeping you guys posted. I’ll probably release it in chapter-by-chapter installments (it won’t be that long, don’t worry, but I’d still like to break it down a bit), most likely on a once-a-week basis. This is not set in stone, though, so I’ll make an ~official announcement~ on that at some point….later.

I figure this is a great idea, what, with me already having so much to do that I barely sleep at night. But I mean, why the hell not, right? I work two jobs, go to school, and am very involved with my family; why shouldn’t I add the pressure of writing on a schedule to my plate?

No, actually, I do think it’ll be good fun and a great experience. So if you’ll all bear with me on this….this could be fun 😀

Anyways, I’m going to begin working on this as soon as possible, so stay tuned for more updates!

Till next time,